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+++ Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2010 – Call for nominations +++

Financial Crisis and Climate Crisis in the focus of the Worst EU
Lobbying Awards 2010

Dear friends,

In 2010 Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe,
LobbyControl and Spinwatch will present the now infamous Worst EU
Lobbying Awards to the public again.

This year we will focus the Awards on the climate and financial
crises, since both issues have marked European politics decisively
in the years 2009 and 2010. The failure of the Copenhagen talks and
the lack of strong reform of the financial markets are a powerful
demonstration of the strength of corporate influence through
successful lobbying. Therefore, the aim of the Worst EU Lobbying
Awards 2010 is to name and shame the worst lobbying against the
public interest in both areas.

The online-voting is going to take place from mid-September until
end of October. As you have already been involved in previous Awards
and might be aware of good cases for nominations, we are seeking
your contribution for this new edition.

Starting today until 21 July, you have the opportunity to suggest
candidates who have been influencing EU decision making in the areas
of climate politics or financial markets in 2009 or 2010 through
manipulative, deceptive or other dirty lobby strategies. As you
already know, the proposals need to be supported by veritable facts
and properly documented. Nominations lacking strong documentation
can not be considered.

Nominations with supporting documents and explanations can be
submitted online at:

finance op worstlobby.eu
for the finance category climate op worstlobby.eu
for the climate category
Looking forward to your suggestions!

Find out more about previous Awards on www.worstlobby.eu
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