[West-Sahara] desinvestering Triodos West-Sahara

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Zo mei 3 15:48:17 CEST 2015

De Triodos bank heeft op haar website een (Engelstalige) verklaring  
staan over de wijze waarop zij omgaat met investeringen in omstreden  
gebieden zoals bijvoorbeeld Palestina, Tibet, West-Papoea en  
West-Sahara. Als praktijkvoorbeeld wordt Potash genoemd, een van de  
grootste kunstmestbedrijven ter wereld.

Case study: Potash Corporation

The former Spanish colony, Western Sahara, is now for the larger part  
controlled by Morocco, including all major cities and natural  
resources (mainly phosphate and fish). Morocco uses military forces to  
control the area and has even built a barrier around it, the Moroccan  
Wall.  The people that live in the area have limited freedom of  
movement even outside the restricted areas. The local (Sahrawi)  
population is suppressed and discriminated and does not benefit from  
activities in the area. Canadian Potash Corporation is the largest  
purchaser of phosphate rock from Western Sahara. The mining of  
phosphate is declared unlawful by the UN on account of breaches of  
international human rights, unless the local population benefits. When  
assessing the company for investment by Triodos Bank we concluded that  
the benefits for local population is limited, despite efforts of  
Potash to stimulate the local economy and to improve education,  
health, and cultural activities in the region. The company is  
therefore excluded for investment by Triodos Bank.


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