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-------- Oorspronkelijke bericht --------

Invitation for individuals and groups to join the organization of an 
activist sailing trip!

We call out for everyone who is motivated to join the organization of
the next Turning the Tide sailing trip. Since 2018 there have been 3
sailing trips under the theme of Turning the Tide - Sailing for Climate
Justice. We are a small group of people from different spheres of the
climate justice movement from different parts of Europe. Together we
just started the organizational process for the next trip which will
take place from 9th Sept - 23rd Sept 2022.

What is the idea of the trip?
The rough idea is to sail the Baltic sea for 2 weeks on 2-3 traditional
sailing ships which can each take between 15-30 participants. During the
trip we want to get to know each other and our experiences, have
workshops and skillshares and use the attention in the harbors to
transport our fight against the destructive capitalist structures and
for a just future for all by organizing demonstrations, actions and
other events. The trip has a main thematic focus on climate justice
fights however we see the inevitable connection to other fights and
topics, like anti-racism, anti-colonialism, queer feminism and many
others. Therefore we are open to include the topics brought along by the
people who are joining.
We aim for a trip and a group atmosphere where everybody feels welcome
and motivated to participate. Taking into consideration our own
privileges and a profound awareness of diverse backgrounds and
everyone's needs is key to this.

How can I Join?
If we have awoken your interest by now we are happy if you want to join.
It is possible to join as an individual or also as a whole group! As we
are planning to sail with several ships there is the possibility for
motivated groups to take over the organization for one of the ships all
together and fill it with your ideas and topics.
Either way you can contact us via: turningthetide op posteo.de (ask us for
the pgp key). Don't hesitate to ask questions!
Important: It is not necessary to have any sailing experiences!

Some interesting links
Our (quite new) twitter account: https://twitter.com/TurningTheTid10
Lovis - one of the ships we are sailing with: https://lovis.de/en/

It's time to hop on board. It's time to set sails for climate justice.
And it's time to conquer and ideally sink fossil fuel capitalism once
and for all!

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