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URGENT! Negotiators meet in 48 hours. You've already signed the TPP
petition, now {click here} to ramp up the pressure, and share this
email with everyone to stop the corporate takeover:

Monsanto´s about to celebrate their biggest coup ever, but we´ve got
until the weekend to stop them.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a huge, ultra-secret deal among
twelve major countries that would give corporations unprecedented
power -- allowing them to use new global tribunals to sue our
governments for passing laws that protect us, but reduce their
profits! This could apply to everything from labeling GMO foods to
protecting internet freedom. Wikileaks has broken the story and
opposition is building fast, but the countries are rushing to seal
the deal in 48 hours.

This is insane, but we have a chance to stop it -- 3 countries are
wobbling, and if they pull back now the whole deal could crumble. If
we deluge leaders in Chile, New Zealand and Australia with a global
call to stand strong, we can stop this corporate takeover before
Monsanto uncorks the champagne. Sign up now and share this with

17 (link repareren, plak 17 achter de link in het adresveld van je

The leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership drafts read like an extended
Christmas wish-list for big business -- it would set a global
standard of companies imposing their will on our governments through
an opaque system of tribunals. These courts could limit access to
cheap generic medicines in favour of branded medicines, and even
allow cigarette companies to sue governments over health regulations
that they say threaten profits! ItTMs almost too crazy to be true.

But practically no one has heard of the TPP! The talks are so
secretive that not even our elected lawmakers know what´s in it -- 
just the negotiators and 600 corporate lobbyists. Now leaked texts
have shocked politicians and citizens from Chile, New Zealand, and
Australia. And they are pushing back on the corporate bullying, and
against the US that is hell-bent on getting a deal agreed before
there is too much public scrutiny.

The TPP affects us all -- it infringes on our rights and undermines
our democracies just to protect the corporate bottom line. And we
only have days to stop it. Join the urgent call and tell everyone:


It can be easy to feel small in the face of big corporate forces
driving our governments. But people, not money, are the true source
of power. Time and again, our community has proved that when we come
together to protect our rights against corporate takeover, we can
win. Let´s now stop this unprecedented threat to our democracies.

With hope,

Alice, David, Jooyea, Alex, Aldine, Julien, Ricken, and the Avaaz

PS - Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community!
Start yours now and win on any issue - local, national or global:


WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific
Partnership (The Guardian)

Full text of the leaked draft text (Wikileaks)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is the complete opposite of
'free trade' (The Guardian)

Fast track risky path for Pacific trade pact (Seattle Times)

For Free Trade's Sake, Get IP Out of the TPP (Huffington Post)

Philip Morris Leads Plain Packs Battle in Global Trade Arena
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