[Duurzaamlijst] [European-Seed-Campaign] Teken de petitie NU! "Seed diversity under threat – No European seed regulations for the benefit of the seed industry"

Linda Coenen linda op aseed.net
Ma Apr 29 12:51:09 CEST 2013

Beste mensen,
De Europese campagne voor zadensoevereiniteit trekt stevig aan in de 
strijd om de nieuwe Europese zadenwetgeving tegen te houden.

Op de website van ASEED lees je meer achtergrondinformatie in het 
Ook in het Engels als die taalkeuze aanklikt, en op de blog van 
Bifurcated Carots (zie link onderaan).

Er is een brievenschrijfactie gericht aan de Eurocommissarissen gaande. 
Om het makkelijker te maken is er ook een online petitie.
Zie deze link 

In het Engels (en Europese andere talen).

Doe mee, verspreid verder en help zadendiversiteit behouden!


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the petition "Seed diversity under threat – No European seed regulations
for the benefit of the seed industry" is online in English now. It can 
be signed here:

If you want to sign the original text it in German:

Other languages will follow as soon as possible.

The petition and a list with the signatories will be sent to the
commission before 6th of May, when they have their meeting to adopt or to
reject the proposal of DG SANCO.

For more detailed information in English see:

Please spread widely.

Best regards
Andreas Riekeberg

Campaign for Seed-Sovereignty


The text of the petition:

   Esteemed Members of the Commission,
   Esteemed Members of the Parliament,
   Esteemed Members of the Council!

   New seed regulations are currently being drafted in Brussels. If the
Directorate General for Health and Consumers’ plans become a reality, 
more old and rare varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains will 
disappear from the market. These diverse varieties and varieties adapted 
to organic agriculture are to be hampered by bureaucracy, while the 
power of corporate agriculture is further strengthened.

   The currently available texts for the new EU seed regulation will 
promote a concentration of the seed market into the hands of a small 
number of seed industry corporations. This is unacceptable. A new EU 
seed regulation must allow diversity varieties, varieties for 
small-scale farming and ecologically adapted breeding. Diverse varieties 
must be available not only in gene banks, but on the open market too, 
without any bureaucratic restrictions.

   Therefore we demand: no obligation for registration! Besides this, the
current registration criteria must be lowered for varieties suitable for
organic farming by virtue of their diversity, so our agriculture remains
adaptable to climate change, new pests and diseases, as well as more
environmentally friendly lifestyles.

   Neither the current EU seed law nor the presently available informally
submitted drafts for legal changes to the law fulfil these requirements.
They threaten seed diversity and thereby mankind’s common agricultural
heritage. They also threaten sustainable food systems and exist only to
serve the agrochemical industry.

   We urge you, EU Commission, Parliament and Council members, to reject 
any proposal that does not fulfil the above mentioned criteria!
   No more destruction of agricultural and horticultural seed diversity 
in Europe!

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