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Change.org est une entreprise sociale à but lucratif en expansion rapide, qui croît de plus d'un million de nouveaux membres par mois et offre à chacun dans le monde les outils pour gagner des campagnes sur des thèmes comme les droits humains, la pauvreté, la protection de l'environnement. Nos partenaires incluent des centaines d'organisations à but non lucratif parmi les plus grandes du monde, dont Amnesty International, Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign et la Fondation des Nations Unies.

Campaigns Director, Netherlands
Change.org offers the world’s most powerful organising tools to every potential citizen-activist and NGO. Change.org currently empowers millions of people around the world start, join and win campaigns for social change on the issues they care about in their community, city, or country. We are growing by over 500,000 new members a month and are hiring a campaigning lead to launch in the Netherlands.

The Campaigns Director will lead all of our advocacy and campaigning efforts in the Netherlands - crafting and executing rapid-response campaigns and helping millions of activists start and successfully run their own local campaigns for positive social change.

You will be responsible for spotting breakthrough campaigns on the Change.org platform with a significant chance of achieving significant social change, ensuring they are built on a strong theory of change, and then using whatever strategies and tactics are necessary to win.

The Campaigns Director will:

* Design and execute rapid-response social change advocacy campaigns with the potential for explosive growth and swift victories.
* Collaborate with a global team of organisers to identify opportunities for creating effective grassroots campaigns that win measurable social change.
* Identify promising grassroots campaigns started by activists in the Netherlands or pertaining to regional issues, and help these campaigns win by providing strategic advice, conducting media outreach, and promoting them across the web, and to our members via email.
* Establish and maintain deep partnerships with leading NGOs - local, national, and global in scope - and help them run successful campaigns on Change.org.
* Represent Change.org within the Netherlands, both with the NGO community and Dutch media. 

The ideal candidate should have the following:

* Innovative ideas for how to use online organising to win local, national, and international campaigns.
* A deep commitment to our mission of empowering people everywhere to win campaigns on the critical issues of our times.
* A willingness to take risks, to fail and to adapt.
* A strong interest in aiding local, member-driven online organising campaigns and developing member capacity for ever larger campaigns.
* A history of online public mobilisation for grassroots social change.
* A strong grasp of politics, the political process and current social justice, economic and environmental issues within the Netherlands and globally.

We are flexible on location for the right candidate, so long as you are in the Netherlands. Pay and benefits are very competitive.

Change.org is an exceptionally fast-paced agile and collaborative work environment. Your co-workers are high-impact, low-ego, and have a deep respect for our members. We expect you to be the same.

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