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Dear friends, 

Over a million people have called on world leaders to end fossil fuel 
subsidies at the Rio Earth Summit -- a no-brainer policy that could take 
one trillion tax dollars from Big Oil and reinvest it in green energy. But 
they´ve failed to deliver -- even with the backing of the EU, the US and 
most G20 countries! The talks end in 48 hours. Now is our chance to save 
them and the planetTMs future. 

Brazil´s President Dilma is hosting the summit and has the power to reopen 
discussions and demand a timeline for ending polluter payouts, but she is 
considering walking away with the weak language presented by a team of 
bureaucrats. We can stop her in her tracks. 

Dilma has 2 days to emerge as a global climate hero. Sign this urgent 
petition now and forward to everyone -- at 500,000 signers, Avaaz will 
deliver it straight to Dilma´s hands and run an urgent, hard-hitting ad in 
the Financial Times: 


In the last 2 weeks, we've already made huge strides towards an end to 
fossil fuel subsidies. Together, we've:

*Unfurled giant trillion dollar bills with our friends 350 on beaches in 
Rio and in Los Cabos that garnered the attention of major media across the 
globe and delivered a 1 million strong call to end harmful polluter 

*Delivered a petition with over 750,000 signers directly to UK Prime 
Minister Cameron and the Mexican chair of the G20 summit.

*Massively impacted the vote in a UN poll -- making fossil fuel subsidies 
the top priority for the Earth Summit. We won with over 66% of the vote!

*Flooded the Mexican and New Zealand environment ministers with messages 
calling on them to push for an end to polluter payouts.

* And our team on the ground in Rio and Los Cabos has tirelessly lobbied 
politicians -- attending dozens of meetings with high level officials from 
key countries.

The stage is set and Dilma has the perfect solution to turn the talks 
around: a clear and timely end to fossil fuel subsidies. We only have 48 
hours for this final push to action --- click below to sign: 


The movement to end fossil fuel subsidies is at a tipping point. Over 1 
million of us signed petitions calling for action, from Rio and Delhi to 
London and Sydney. As we enter the 11th hour of the Rio Earth Summit, 
let´s continue to push until we win!     

With hope, 

Iain, Antonia, Jamie, Emma, Ricken, Diego, Pedro and the rest of the Avaaz 


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