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**** Please circulate widely ***

   Reclaim the Fields-Bulletin No. 3 - Out now:*


*Available in English, French, Spanish, German*
What is it:

*The Reclaim the Fields bulletin is a regular zine that aims at
facilitating the information transmission between the stars in the
constellation of Reclaim the Fields, sharing the latest news and the
current state of the process amongst the people or collectives already
involved and allowing new people to catch up and join us, having at
disposition the necessary background texts and a history of the debates.

     * Reclaim the Fields Gathering, 13th of March - 18th of March, Grow
       Heathrow, UK
     * Stars in the constellation --- RtF Projects in Europe
     * Report of the French RtF Gathering in Dijon
     * Collective Farms: We are building up a network of free spaces
     * Compost Sexism and Gender
     * The access to land working group: directions and a call for
     * A critical analysis of Tierre de Liens
     * About special beets, turnips and squashes...
     * The Song  Battandzu 
     * Next Reclaim the Fields Camp(s): Summary of 3 location proposals
     * A community fights on against the invasion of the bulldozer empire...
     * PEDAL --- 100 days to Palestine: A call-out to RtF
     * Building a European movement for food sovereignty: Call to Nyeleni
       Europe Forum and Camp, in August 2011, Austria
     * Another Call for Nyeleni

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