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WHAT: Day of Action to End Extraction
WHERE: Your Place Or Mine? (Or Gas Station, or Office, or Bank...)
WHEN: April 20, 2011
CONTACT: extraction op risingtidenorthamerica.org
WEB: http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/extraction

Communities around the world are under attack from extractive
industries that poison our families, kill our loved ones on the job,
and destroy the ecosystems we cherish. The BP oil spill was
unfortunately just one of an endless string of disasters born of an
economic system that must endlessly consume the Earth?s resources.

Extraction is the act of taking without giving anything back.
Extraction takes workers lives so corporations can make a few more
bucks. Extraction takes clean water and air and gives us blackened
oceans and a climate in chaos. Extraction takes the natural wealth of
communities and ecosystems and leaves behind poverty and ecological

For a stable climate, clean air and water, we must stop the
extraction of fossil fuels and other ?resources.? From the tar sands
of Alberta to the Gulf Coast, people are fighting back against the
extractive industries that have declared war on our planet. Rising
Tide is calling for a day of direct action against extraction on the
1 year anniversary of the BP oil spill.

On April 20th take it to the point of production. Shut down a well
site, occupy a mine, take over an office, blockade a bank. Nobody?s
community should be a sacrifice zone.

For climate justice and a livable planet,

Rising Tide North America


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